To the editor:

I would like to respond to Dale Bergevine’s Letter to the Editor (“Plainville meeting article unfair to Perfect Puppy,” The Sun Chronicle, May 28.)

As a Plainville resident, I attended the March 5 Selectmen’s meeting where the MSPCA representatives presented evidence and information regarding puppy mill puppies. They presented photographs of the poor conditions these puppies are born into, crammed into wire cages. The mothers of these puppies are bred numerous times a year to produce puppies for a profit. There were photographs showing the Amish using the dead puppies as fertilizer for their crops. The representatives also showed evidence that the puppies being sold by The Perfect Puppy are in fact from a well-known puppy mill breeder, Sam Lapp in Lancaster County, Pa.

The information set forth during this meeting was eye-opening and created such a sadness in my heart.

Selectmen gave the representatives their blessing to create Article 3, which is similar to bylaws passed by other towns such as Stoneham.

In reading Article #3, there is no mention of The Perfect Puppy, nor is there anything suggesting the intent is for the business to close. Article #3 sets forth guidelines for the sale of animals in Plainville which is something our town didn’t have prior.

Dale Bergevine missed another important purpose of Article 3:

“The purpose of this bylaw is also to prevent and/or reduce inhumane or inadequate breeding conditions, promote community awareness of animal welfare and foster a more humane animal environment by restricting the sale and distribution of dogs, cats, and rabbits from pet shops, which are known to frequently obtain their animals from large-scale breeders, commonly referred to as puppy, kitten, and rabbit mills”.

As residents of Plainville, we have the right to address an issue that was brought to light by a business.

It should be noted the supporters of Article 3 have not been bullying or slandering this business.

The evidence speaks for itself.

The public rallies that have been held were peaceful and held on the corner of Route 106 and 152, which is no where near the entrance to the business. Plainville police officers who were present can attest there were no issues during the rallies.

If the business decides to close, that is their decision. Plainville residents should be able to decide how animals are treated in their town without fear or intimidation from a business.

I urge all Plainville residents to read Article 3, which is listed on the Town of Plainville’s website. If you would like to join us and show your support for this cause, the next rally will be held on June 2. Please be the voice for these animals and vote YES on Article 3.

Alicia Sheridan


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