Political protests have no place in sports

To the editor:

Mark Parker, CEO Nike Inc, failed to get the approval of former football player Colin Kaepernick before releasing the limited edition Air Max sneaker featuring the Betsy Ross flag, so who is running Nike? Could very well be the second biggest mistake the company has made since it started in 1964 ... signing on Kaepernick being the first!

Speaking as a former specialty running shoe seller back in the late 1970s featuring Nike running shoes, I will never buy another Nike product, ever!

I cannot understand the Mark Parker/Kaepernick connection.

As a business person for the last 50+ years it seems to me to be a risky alliance, especially where politics tend to alienate so many of us.

Kaepernick has introduced political and racial tensions into sports where it does not belong. Sports are for entertainment not politics, racism or religion.

Doug Gobin


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