To the editor:

The topic of health care is very important to me because I used to work with a lot of people with severe disabilities who could not work.

There are so many patients who can not afford their own diabetic supplies and other prescriptions that are so important to take, some of them will share their prescriptions with their husband or wife because they are on a fix income.

I have seen that their co-payments and insurance can be half of their income from Social Security.

They are not able to get drug discounts from their pharmacy or the companyies that supply their medication. What is left for them to do? Not take them?

That will just cause more problems in the long run because now they are left with getting sicker and then even bigger bills from the hospital.

And if they cannot afford the co-payments for the hospital, it ends up to be a economic issue for the hospitals.

To manage this issue you must have very good gap coverage and prescription coverage that covers your special needs.

Rose Buckley

East Taunton

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