Letter to the editor: Story on Yom Kippur was offensive

To the editor:

As I read The Sun Chronicle this past Saturday I didn’t know if I should have cried or scratched my head in dismay. The article I was confused about was entitled “Yom Kippur: A time for feasting as well as fasting.” Oct.5-6, Religion)



As a member of Jewish community I have no idea what the author is talking about.

Yet on Page A1, I wanted to compliment The Sun Chronicle for the front page story on the Holocaust. A well-researched and written story.

But then, in the same edition, this total lack of insight into Judaism and the most holy day on the Jewish calendar.

Last week The Sun Chronicle also ran a comic strip “Argyle Sweater” that ran on the second day of Rosh Hashanah. The cartoon portrays to Chasidic Jews walking into a bar and cracking a joke. I’m sure the cartoon was lost on about 99.9 percent of The Sun Chronicle readership. That it ran on Rosh Hashanah was offensive.

The story about Yom Kippur was also offensive. While I’m sure they weren’t meant to be, it was.

Yom Kippur is a very personal day. If someone chooses to fast or not is a personal choice. The day, in fact the entire period from Rosh Hashanah through Yom Kippur, is meant to bring individuals closer to God.

I can only anticipate the type of uproar these types of the foibles would cause if they occurred against another religious community or set of holidays.

The Holocaust happened because good people stood by while others allowed minorities, such as the Jewish community, to be treated poorly without speaking up.

I am speaking up as a member of the Jewish community in our own defense.

Stuart Skerker


The writer is a correspondent for The Sun Chronicle.

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