To the editor:

Silly me, I thought my opinion was my own. I laid out what I thought was a logical possibility for why people at a Charlotte, N.C., Trump rally may dislike Congresswoman Ilhan Omar aside from the depiction in a political caricature that they were all angry white racists.

Google her comments on “some people did something,” “it’s all about the Benjamins baby” and Black Hawk down for the basis of my position in my letter to The Sun Chronicle.

However, a member of the local thought police who regularly personally criticize the opinions of those with whom they disagree thinks it’s OK to call me out by name in the newspaper. To paraphrase and quote “Jim Darragh complains that charges of racism is a tactic to silence opponents ... Really? President Trump cannot be silenced about anything .. The premise of Mr. Darragh’s letter is absurd.”

So, I’m a complainer and not very bright.

My premise was not whether President Trump’s words were in and of themselves racist. I don’t presume to judge him since I am not a mind reader or without sin and he certainly doesn’t need me to defend him. The writer’s opinion is that “go back to where you came from” is an expression of “contempt based on race.”

I will only say that as a direct descendant of Irish and Italian legal immigrants to Brooklyn in the late 1800s, there is plenty of historic precedent.

I hope that by using the word racist four times in his letter criticizing me that the writer is not suggesting to other readers that I may be a racist? I have prejudices about all types of people (including caucasians) like everyone else, but to my knowledge, he does not know me. It must be wonderful to be so virtuous and beyond reproach. He could have easily written his own opinion on the subject but instead opted to criticize me first and then give his opinion. To what end? Is it possible that my opinion “the charge of racism is a tactic to silence opponents” is not so absurd?

I did not write my opinion to debate through the newspaper with people entrenched in their beliefs. I only wrote to suggest to reasonable readers that most people who disagree with, and even dislike, individual minorities same as they would individual Caucasians are motivated by their actions and not race.

The Sun Chronicle may want to consider limiting Letters to the Editor based on other Letters to the Editor.

You might just get letters from more people with more diverse and constructive ideas rather than the same repetitive positions from people who, in their own words, think it’ OK to silence others. Very dangerous.

Jim Darragh


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