This was not play acting. It was terrorism.

To the editor:

So, according to Sun Chronicle columnist Ned Bristol, the men and women that stormed the Capitol were just “dangerous children, playing a game and play acting.”(Dangerous children playing a dangerous game, Opinion, Jan. 11)

Would they still be “children” if they showed up at your house smashing windows and breaking down your doors to gain entry? No, they would be called “criminals.”

They were rioters and domestic terrorists which makes them criminals also.

These “children” were determined to destroy property and cause injuries to people in the building whether members of the legislature, employees or citizens lawfully present.

I’m sure there were also people there that didn’t participate in the destruction but were just caught up in the moment and added fuel to the fire by increasing the mob strength in numbers.

Also, how dare you call the members of the Capitol Police force “show cops” — tell that to the family of the officer who succumbed to injuries after being beaten with a fire extinguisher or the officer that was stabbed with a broken sign handle. These men and women are trained police officers who put their lives on the line every day, that did their best but were simply outnumbered.

What would you do if you found yourself alone at the top of a stairwell with 100 men coming at you with spears disguised as flag?

There’s an old saying: “If you have nothing good to say about someone or something say nothing at all.” Maybe it’s time for you to not say anything at all.

It seems you have no grasp on reality anymore with no sense of what’s right or wrong and personally I could care less what games you played as a child.

Charles Nicholas

North Attleboro

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