To the editor:

If there was ever a time to sweep out all the longterm elected officials in this state, the time is now. These lazy bums failed to renew a simple simulcast bill that has now stopped racing and revenues at Plainridge Park Casino.

Speaker Robert Deleo is nothing more than a lifelong swindler who changed the rules on term limits so he could keep his big paying job and benefits.

I want to sweep out all longtime incumbents on both sides of the aisle who can’t seem to get a simple simulcast bill passed mostly because of the fact they show up at 9 a.m. and are home by noon every day. Their hours of so-called work are published in this newspaper weekly so do not give me the excuse how they are overworked. And these losers even get paid to drive to and from work.

Now onto state Sen. Richard Ross, R-Wrentham, who was unavailable for comment and Plainridge is part of his district. How convenient, Mr. Ross! Never once did he let people know that the simulcast bill was not passed and we needed to contact our reps to make sure it was passed. Just another do-nothing, overpaid and underworked, politician. How do people in his district vote for this guy?

Then Gov. Charlie Baker, who sits silently in his office every day and, despite accomplishing very little, remains one of the most popular governors. The state’s public transportation system is in turmoil and he can’t even use his influence to get a cellphone ban in cars passed. Please tell me what this guy has done in his time in office? Time to send him packing, too!

I want to see some young fresh faces who want to get things done in the mold of Seth Moulton and others like Paul Feeney, D-Foxboro. These types of people do not sit around waiting for a crisis to occur. They are out in front of it, dealing with it before it ends up like this simulcast bill did. It’s time for a change, people. Let’s start our own wave in this state and elect people who work for us, not themselves, and run all the lazy do-nothings out of office.

Aldo Ferrario


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