To the editor:

I am so tired of hearing right-wing Donald Trump lovers crying about how The Sun Chronicle has an agenda against Trump when all they are doing is reporting the truth and facts which the Trump Mob wants no part of.

They would rather live in the world of constant lies and excuses from their low intelligence hero in the White House. What the Trump crowd likes to do is pick one thing that Trump might have said that is truthful (which is very rare) and rave about it, but totally ignore the daily lies that come from this man’s mouth.

They talk about how $30 million was spent investigating Trump’s collusion with Russia but make no mention of the 10 completely clear times he committed obstruction of justice.

They don’t want to talk about how Trump and Vladimir Putin had a secret meeting in Helsinki and then, out of nowhere, Trump pulls our troops from the Kurds who did most of the fighting and beat ISIS. The Kurds lost 11,000 people in that fight. And what do they get for their effort? A knife in the back and they are now left to be slaughtered. Don’t worry Trump lovers, you will get the same knife in the back once Trump is done using you, too.

When a person refuses to see the truth and facts with his own eyes and ears there is something mentally unhinged going on in their heads. Trump is a lie machine but they see him as a truth teller. So far, 12,000 verified lies and counting.

It’s clear the Trump people do have those characteristics as any of the following words related to deplorable clearly describes them, intolerable, disgraceful, miserable, distressing, disastrous, reprehensible,dreadful, and most of all blameworthy for voting for such a low life, immoral person as Trump to lead this country.

Aldo Ferrario


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