To the editor:

The true meaning behind “voter suppression”.

As liberals and their friends in the mainstream media push forward the false narrative of “voter suppression”, ask yourself the following:

What in the list below can I do or acquire legally without some form of identification?

Driver’s license, library card, Social Security card, medical card, passport, secure employment, bank account, cash a check, purchase tobacco, purchase alcohol, marriage license, register a motor vehicle, credit cards, debit cards, deed for real estate ownership, rent a car, purchase a car, rent an apartment, entrance to college, serve on a jury, apply for a business license.

The same people that are pushing voter ID as “voter suppression,” are the same people that require you to show a photo ID when you board a plane, or pick up tickets from will-call for sporting or music events.

On Oct. 21, two changes will occur.

1. All U.S. airline passengers 18 and over will be required to show a “real ID” issued by the DMV, or, present a U.S. Passport to fly in the United States.

2. Entrance into all Federal Buildings will require a “real ID.”

I ask, where is the liberal outrage for this new identification process?

See this for what it truly is. Liberals, mainstream media, corporations, professional sports leagues, (NBA & MLB), Delta Airlines, Coke, and of course Hollywood, are literally insinuating that people of color, and the elderly are too ignorant and/or uneducated to obtain a legitimate identification card on their own.

Rose Rollins


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