To the editor:

What is 2021 but a bunch of numbers?

Jan. 1 was only the day after Dec. 31, and, as in all other New Years, we expected it to be so different from 2020.

Time is an invention of the human species who expect a new day to be our savior somehow from the horrible time we have had for the past two old years.

Today as I write this, it is Jan. 10, and many Americans still expect the arrival of their sleek new healthy New Year bodies. But they keep devouring the same fattening food. They lay on the couch watching the news instead of taking walks. Many are not even visiting the local exercise machines in our lovely new hair dos, and attractive stylish exercise outfits designed to sweat in to attract that delicious new lover who will be surely the envy of all our friends.

We wait for the new president and vice president to fix everything with a magic wand, or, as many think, to destroy the work of the former president who will be gone as of Jan. 20.

We complain about having to wash hands, wear masks, and stay away from each other and whine when their relatives and friends pass on from the virus, as we blame the leaders of our states.

It is not the numbers of whatever year, but the lack of our own change which is the problem. It’s not a new year we should blame, or the lack of wonderfulness we believe we are owed, but the still old us which is really the cause.

That which we do is what creates our future.

Donna Sprague


The writer is co-host on the Dave Kane radio show which can be heard at 9 a.m. on Saturday on WARA, 1320-AM.

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