To the editor:

This is concerning the letters from Aldo Ferrario of Sept. 30 and Oct. 21.

Mr. Ferrario I am going to ask you very nicely to cease your name calling and insults. There are many people who did not vote for President Trump do not like him or his policies, and may even hate him but they do not resort to your childish behavior.

You call the president’s supporters mentally unhinged, but with every letter you write it is becoming more and more clear that you are the one who is mentally unhinged. You mentioned what we were taught in nursery school.

I was taught in school and at home by my parents not to call people names or insult them if their beliefs differed from our own.

God help the President Trump supporters if he wins in 2020. Are they to be subjected to another four years of your verbal abuse? I think you need to take stock of yourself Mr. Ferrario and try to be a nicer person.

Thank you for considering my advice.

Andrea Flanagan

North Attleboro

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Fortunately Andrea, Trump supporters pay people like Mr. Ferrario little or no heed. We are able to see people like Mr. Ferrario for what they are, and then discount their words out of hand. It is not difficult and I would encourage others to do the same.

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