Letter writer harbors hatred for Trump and supporters Letter writer harbors hatred for Trump and supporters

To the editor:

Re: “Trump supporters are a threat to our democracy,’ by Aldo Ferrario (Voice of the Public, Oct. 7):

Sun Chronicle letter writer Aldo Ferrario is foaming through both sides of his hate-spewing mouth. He must be a truly negative and misguided person. Ever since Donald Trump came on the national political scene, Ferrario has had relentless objections and over-board criticism toward Trump and his American supporters.

I favor the GOP over the liberal party and its misinformation. Ferrario takes his free speech beyond what it stands for; he thinks what he reveals to Sun Chronicle readers is pure truth with no exceptions.

My opinions on some matters:

1. His unjustified criticism of the Jan. 6 insurrection, which was intended to overthrow the American government, was indeed sad as it was caused by many citizens who were frustrated by the many injustices that had taken place the year before, caused by Democratic-controlled cities (lacking arrest of lawless elements and no punishments for wrong-doers). Washington Democratic leaders, and the media, were too quick to pounce against the protestors. Ashli Babbitt, who was unarmed, was killed by a law enforcement officer.

2. I think many of Ferrario’s blame against Trump are just the opposite; they can be attributed to Joe Biden instead. For instance, the impeachment because of Trump’s involvement with Ukraine was flipped. Biden and his son, Hunter, who should have been invesitgated over the Ukraine dealings. As far as the Russian impeachment ... lack of proof.

3. Why has all the outrage that was inflicted against Trump not been brought forth against Biden. Biden is far more a dictator then Trump. Wouldn’t it be nice if the president could open his eyes and realize his unity pledge is not working with his fellow Americans. No denying that the radical left is running America’s agenda toward higher national government power and reducing our standards of living in favor of socialism.

4. Ferrario doesn’t like the U.S. Supreme Court makeup. What does he want, total Democratic party control of everything? Be satisfied with what you and your liberals have now and stop trying to influence the minds of Sun Chronicle readers.

Paul Ruzanski


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