To the editor:

Oh, dear! Elizabeth Bristol of North Attleboro needs to learn how to use a fact-checking website, and should also avoid getting all her news from Fox. (“VP’s book offer is laughable,” Voice of the Public, April 29)

Fox “News” had to issue a correction because its’ reporting that Vice President Kamala Harris’ book was being given to all unaccompanied minors in detention centers was not true.

Bristol also clutches her pearls and states if Donald Trump had done something like that there would have been outrage.

Well, Ms. Bristol, your memory is conveniently deficient once again.

In October 2020, Trump demanded that letters be inserted into boxes of surplus food aid sent to pantries around the country, with him taking credit for this aid, rather than reflecting this was a non-partisan Federal Government program.

Trump also demanded that the checks sent out by the IRS for stimulus in April 2020, had his signature, even though no other president had ever done so, and he was not an authorized signatory.

Those checks are typically signed by the head of the Treasury Department to appear more non-partisan.

Next time you write a letter, try not to look so foolish spouting partisan disinformation, when facts are so readily available.

Liz Miller


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