Many Supreme Court ‘precedents’ have been overturned

To the editor:

Re: “Getting vaccinated is not a personal decision,” by Bill Darcey (Voice of the Public, Sept. 17):

Bill Darcy, in reference to the Roe-Wade Supreme Court decision, tells us that “those who believe in precedent are the true conservatives.”

This sounds similar to Justice Sonia Sotomayor’s dissenting opinion in the recent Texas abortion law where she, referring to the Roe decision, called forth the “sanctity of precedent.”

If all precedents are truly holy, sacred and inviolable, then should we reinstate as law the abominable “Dred Scott” decision, or others like it?

As it turns out, many precedents have long since been overturned.

What’s absolutely holy, sacred and inviolable is the “sanctity” of human life from conception. No precedent can undo what God has established in His creation of life.

Rev. Paul Wanamaker


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