News flash: Trump is not the president News flash: Trump is not the president

Re: “Trump supporters are a threat to our democracy,’ by Aldo Ferrario (Voice of the Public, Oct. 7):

Well Aldo Ferrario, it’s time you realize that Donald Trump is no longer the president. You reference letters from readers Lorraine Nye, Gerald Chase and the weekly columns from Sun Chronicle columnist Bob Foley.

It was actually heart warming to read their submissions and confirm we still have some real Americans in this country. I saved that edition so I can read it again at a later date to lift my spirits. The threat to our country is sitting in the White House right now. Unless you are a socialist/communist, you know we are in serious trouble with Biden and this administration. Freedom of speech is being attacked daily. Just look at parents confronting school board members regarding what is being taught to their children.

Parents shouldn’t have a say in their children’s education (according to our present government). How about Americans being abandoned in Afghanistan?

We have thousands illegals crossing our border all because of Biden doing absolutely nothing about it.

Donald Trump had this totally under control. All these illegals are being spread over our county without vetting or COVID vaccine. Talk about killing Americans. The Biden/Democrat socialist agenda will destroy our country as we know and love it. Hard-working Americans are being hammered already. We are paying more for every single item we purchase.

Last words: can you name one single thing Biden has accomplished? I doubt it.

Kenneth Porter


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