Norfolk Facebook page blocks open exchange of ideas

To the editor:

Open discussion is one of the most effective methods of exchanging ideas. Platforms like Facebook allow people to share views with others (even unpopular views), receive feedback, share criticism, and sometimes, change hearts and minds.

The Norfolk MA Community Facebook page is moderated by administrators and group members, whereby any expression on the page which isn’t “positive” or isn’t happy talk, or does not comport with the mindset and private views of the administrators and/or group members, is automatically silenced, thereby rendering the so-called “Community page” actually a page where members hear only what they want to hear, that which is comfortable to them, that which agrees with their positions, that which comforts them, that which supports their agendas.

In doing so, the group members and administrators block the open exchange of ideas, creating an exclusive rather than inclusive space. I would argue the Norfolk “Community” Facebook page isn’t a Community page at all, but rather, a heavily regulated page which serves only a narrow interest which renders the page of little use other than to announce a lost pet, missing person, or find a handyperson.

Pages like this fail to apply the wonder of technology to the open exchange of ideas, and instead, dis-serves the community by empowering the heavy hands that regulate the page and stifle dissent. I urge every member of the page to withdraw in protest, and register your displeasure on the page. You, too, will be silenced.

Glenn Hill