President Biden is a traitor

To the editor:

President Joe Biden is at the very least a traitor.

How is it possible that Biden allowed more than $86 billion of military equipment be left in the hands of Taliban terrorist in Afghanistan. Helicopters, armored vehicles, planes, rifles and a long list of other military equipment.

It’s been said this is the greatest capture of top-notch military equipment in history. Biden has created the best equipped terrorist group in the entire world. These weapons will be used to unleash terror and hundreds, if not thousands of people, will be murdered by these terrorist with American weapons. According to the Department of Defense we left behind 208 aircraft including Blackhawk helicopters, 590,690 weapons including 358,530 AK-47 & M16 rifles. America is much less safe now because of a weak incompetent president. Our national security is at risk. Sadly we are in one of the worse positions in history. Add to this disaster the Americans that Biden abandon and left behind in Afghanistan at the mercy of the Taliban. Reports indicate that American school children are included. We were taught that a creed of the United States is “no American left behind.” Joe Biden is responsible for the abandonment of our fellow citizens and personally I can’t understand why he hasn’t been arrested.

Remove Biden and we have Vice President Kamala Harris. Remove Harris and it’s House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Can you imagine Pelosi as president? So what is the answer?

All we can do is hope and pray our beloved country can survive this administration. This is truly a frightening time for America.

Kenneth Porter


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Biden is a double traitor even when he was vicepresident.

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