To the editor:

I wanted to offer my thanks to Congressman Jake Auchincloss for keeping his commitment to maintaining strong community partnerships with stakeholders in the area.

In his short time in office, Auchincloss has come to know and learn from many community leaders in North Attleboro.

He started his series of town halls right here in North Attleboro, albeit virtually.

Recently, Auchincloss coordinated with town officials and our office to coordinate two funding requests for North Attleboro.

Auchincloss has made great headway by advocating for $1.5 million for the town to invest in walking and biking trails to connect North Attleboro with surrounding communities’ trails. The walking trail would connect through World War I Memorial Park and Zoo, which as many know, is a very special place in our community. Additionally, Auchincloss is seeking funding for the town to invest in dredging the Ten Mile River, which will help protect conservation areas while also expand economic opportunities.

His advocacy of federal funds for North Attleboro will also assist in establishing tuition-free, full-day kindergarten. Recently, he was promoted as vice chair of the House’s Financial Services Committee due to his strong leadership style exemplified by passing his first bill, the Non-Judicial Foreclosure Debt Collection Act.

His bill will ensure that borrowers are treated with dignity and protected from harassment.

I am proud to have Auchincloss as our congressman. Most importantly it is so great to see local, state and federal partners all working together.

Adam Scanlon

North Attleboro

The writer is a state representative for the 14th Bristol District.

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