So, what exactly are we paying for in North Attleboro? So, what exactly are we paying for in North?

To the editor:

Water, water everywhere but don’t drink, cook, bathe, brush teeth or give to pets.

What in the world are we paying for?

Received a robo call Thursday stating that we in North Attleboro are now to boil water for human and pet consumption or use bottle water in its place. Not too long ago we were advised about the PFS,

which is polluting our water system and advised not to boil the water because it does more harm the good leaving more of the chemical in the water and that certain residents with health issues should not use the water.

At that practical time they were giving abatements to the water bill for water that you purchased and that was taken away and they placed a water dispenser at the town water department for residence to get water.

Now they are giving a case of water from what I understand at the DPW to residents. Now to cook, wash dishes, brush your teeth and whatever else is needed, you better be on our A game or there could be dire consequences. Again, I ask, what we are paying for?

Jeff Fraise

North Attleboro