The Postal Service is failing us

To the editor:

Are we witnessing the quietly orchestrated demise of the United States Postal Service?

I have used the Postal Service regularly for the usual activities of paying bills, sending letters and cards, and sending packages such as books since approximately 1967. Only extremely rarely were bills not received or payments lost ... until approximately two months ago. At that time, to my surprise, Waste Management informed me that my payment had not been received. Subsequently month after that, the National Grid bill arrived showing that I had missed my June payment only for me to subsequently track down that I had never received my June bill in the mail. That same day someone else’s water bill was included in my mail (which I subsequently delivered to the Post Office for redelivery).

Several days later I received only two of the three property tax bills that I was expecting. Normally I receive all three at once. It is now been more than two weeks and I still have not received the third bill. They are due in 10 days. All of this to me seems quite extreme for coincidental statistical variation and it appears to me that our USPS has very rapidly become markedly unreliable.

Some reading this may say “so what,” but is that an appropriate response? The establishment of the United States Postal Service is mandated in the United States Constitution and Congress is charged with its oversight. People may say in the age of the Internet, cell phones, UPS, FedEx, etc., do we really need the USPS. In my view, the answer is yes. We emphatically do. The reason for that view is that the USPS is charged with the duty to provide reliable service to everyone in the United States.

Every other private business system is strictly profit driven and only establishes reliable service in geographic areas where it is easy to turn a profit. They have no requirement to provide service even in those regions where substantial economic benefit would result from expanding their service.

The current deterioration of the USPS is a detriment to the vast tracts of this country that don’t have access to other reliable services and this is an issue that Congress needs to address.

Julian Kadish


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