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To the editor:

In a previous letter I referred to Sun Chronicle columnist Bob Foley as the oracle of Mansfield.

Given the amount of letters critical of his essays it is probably more accurate to now give him the appellation of “Lightning Rod” of The Sun Chronicle.

Just so you know, Foley’s political views could not be further from my own. Having said that I must defend his and my right to be published in this newspaper.

His column and my own missives are clearly labeled opinion pieces.

It is a time-honored tradition of American journalism and we would be no better than a totalitarian society if that were not so. As to Foley’s musings and bloviation, if they irritate you to the point that they ruin your Friday, the solution is simple. Don’t read him.

By calling him out and demanding that the editors remove his column you are only adding more grist for his mill.

Give the kid a break. His aspiring to be the big fish in our little pond is admirable; give credit where credit is due.

I doubt that many of us can come up with an extended essay once a week.

Write on oh oracle/rod, and be of good cheer.

Frederick Walters


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