We cannot allow the zealots to take away our rights

To the editor:

Re: “How can Roman Catholics back abortion?” by Gerald F. Chase, Voice of the Public, May 9:

The recent letter from Gerald F. Chase shows exactly how the mind of tyrants work and it’s no wonder why Chase loves Donald Trump so much, they are one in the same. They want to mix religion and government and make them one to control our lives.

He names President Joe Biden and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi as his two targets, but fails to understand they represent all people, not just Roman Catholics.

Seventy percent of this country is in favor of legal abortion so that makes people like Chase nothing more than a minority. It’s just more radical right-wing noise, not much else.

Chase thinks his religion and way of thinking is the path we should all follow, but he is living outside the reality of the majority. Like Donald Trump, Chase wants to force his tyrannical way of thinking on all of us.

He mentions nothing about how two Supreme Court justices lied under oath at their confirmation hearings claiming Roe v Wade was settled precedent, but here they are trying to take away the rights women fought for, and claimed, 50 years ago. They should both be removed from the bench now, because they have already proven with those lies that they stand for nothing more than pushing the radical right-wing agenda.

People are starting to show right wingers on the Supreme Court they will not be getting away with this by showing up at their homes and making their lives miserable. Maybe this time they will get the message loud and clear to keep their hands off a woman’s body and her right to choose, no matter what the religious zealots like Chase think they can do to take those rights away.

Wake up people, the new fascists are among us now, slowly trying to chip away at all of our rights. We must not allow the radical right to destroy our country and our way of life.

Aldo Ferrario


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