We cannot put off cleaning up our water supply

To the editor:

There is significant evidence that PFAS are negatively impacting human health as well as the environment.

PFOA and PFOS exposure can cause cancer, reproductive, developmental, cardiovascular, liver, kidney, and immunological effects.

On Oct. 2, 2020, MassDEP promulgated new drinking water regulations and Maximum Containment Levels of 20 ng/L for PFAS6, a type of PFAS.

During routine monitoring, it has been shown that the McKeon Water Treatment Facility in Mansfield, which serves as one of North Attleboro’s drinking water sources, is above the limit of 20 ng/L.

It still remains out of compliance. While the town of North Attleboro is taking measures to mitigate the problem, it is not being done fast enough, and residents are continuing to be put at risk.

A new granular activated carbon treatment facility was expected to be finished by summer of 2022 and has still not been finished as of the date of this letter. I urge you to contact local representatives and stress the importance of safe drinking water for our residents. It is imperative to complete this as soon as possible and cannot be put on the back burner any longer.

Lena Pacheco

North Attleboro