To the editor:

Re: “Liberal Democrats are the ones hurting Black Americans,” by Karen Ostrom-Kelly, Voice of the Public, June 9.

Call me kooky, but Ostrom-Kelly’s claim that liberal Democrats are to blame for Black voter suppression is about as logical as claiming that abolitionists are to blame for slavery.

She goes on to write that liberal Democrats insult Black voters by making certain assumptions. That statement shows her true colors.

She blames liberal Democrats as if Black people themselves have no say in the matter -- as if this is a battle between white conservatives and white liberals. This is, unfortunately, Ostrom-Kelly’s world. A world where people of color can’t think for themselves and are influenced either by white conservatives or white liberals. This is the world of Donald Trump. His claim of having won the election is true only if you don’t count the Black votes. But America is not just about white people.

The real insult is thinking that a letter to the editor will somehow convince a Black voter that he, she or they would suddenly see the light the way Ostrom-Kelly sees it.

We liberal Democrats love the America we have, not the America we wish we had.

Dominic Cuce

North Attleboro

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