I miss some old friends: plastic bags. We got along pretty good. I took care of them and they took care of me.

Without much fanfare, thin-film plastic bags were banned in Attleboro effective Oct. 1, because too many of them were finding their way into recycling bins and thus raising city costs.

I always put them in the trash, where they belong. I used to be able to carry six or seven plastic bags of groceries into the house on one trip.

You can’t do that with paper bags.

And I don’t look forward to lining the seven waste baskets in my home with paper bags, when my current stash runs out.

I also wonder who is enforcing the plastic bag ban. I found one restaurant that said they knew nothing about it, but quickly switched. Since then I’ve been given my leftovers and goods in plastic bags at a restaurant and a convenience store.

Don’t get the idea that I’m against the ban. I’m not. I have foresworn new plastic bags just as I did plastic water bottles a few years ago. It’s all good for the environment. I get that.

At a recent count, 82 cities and towns in Massachusetts ban plastic bags, including Mansfield and Attleboro.

That, my friends, is progress.

Saturday sermon

“The smaller the mind the greater the conceit.”

— Aesop

Heard at the bar

Smugglers are cutting holes in the $10 billion Trump’s Wall big enough to move people and goods through it. What are they using? A cordless household tool called a reciprocating saw — which goes for about 100 bucks at hardware stores — to cut through in minutes the wall’s steel and concrete bollards.

So you’re so smart ...

Last week I bet you couldn’t tell the names of the six teams in the NFL that are named after things that fly. Answer: Eagles, Cardinals, Falcons, Ravens, Seahawks and Jets.

Robert Saquet of Mansfield got it right, adding “Do Saints and bucking Broncos count?” Also right was Doug Wynne, who also wanted to expand the list. “What about the Saints? After all, we should not fly in the face of religion.”

A reader responding from “sunny Naples, Fla.,” wanted to add the Chargers, you know, “a white lightning bolt flying across the sky.”

Now, I bet you can’t tell me what, after water, are the two most consumed beverages in the world.

Thank you, thank you

While only $55 came in during September for Columns for Kids, the first month I started it, October’s haul was $340. That puts our two-month total at $395 and our monthly average at $197.50.

I’ve said I will continue to contribute a weekly column to the paper if we can average $150 a month in contributions to the Council for Children, so we’ve topped that goal.

“We were thrilled when three checks showed up in one day, so hopefully your loyal readers will continue to help out,” writes Kelly Fox, head of the CFC. “Thank you so much for your support.

Thank you, readers. The Council for Children address is 4 Hodges St., Attleboro, MA 02703.

Yes, see you next week.

ORESTE P. D’ARCONTE is a former publisher of The Sun Chronicle. Reach him at darconte@thesunchronicle.com.

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