NORTH ATTLEBORO — Peter Fontaine carded a 4-under-par round of 65 at the Chemawa Golf Course Monday to capture individual medalist honors during the Attleboro Area Golf Association’s annual Fall Two-Ball Tournament.

Fontaine, the course superintendent at the Heather Hill CC in Plainville and an AAGA Hall of Famer, teamed with Gary Delude to capture the Net Division title with a low sore of 60. The duo combined to shoot a gross score of 63.

Fontaine and Delude earned the Net Division championship in a “card-off” with Mike Stec and Steve Quaglia, who also came in with a 9-under-par score of 60.

The 70-year-old Fontaine shot five shots better than his age, while Delude came in with an even-par round of 69.

Roger Bousquet and Dan Deyesso won the Gross Division title with a low score of 4-under-par 65. The duo won a “card-off” with the four-time defending champions, Dave Turgeon and Billy White, the 2021 AAGA Open champion.

Next on the competitive card for the AAGA will be the annual John “Buck” Renner Memorial Tournament to be held Oct. 2-3 at the Heather Hill and Wentworth Hills golf courses. Registration may be made at the AAGA website.

Attleboro Area Golf Association Fall Two-Ball Tournament

Played at the Chemawa Golf Course, North Attleboro

Net Division

60—Gary Delude-Peter Fontaine; Steve Quaglia-Mike Stec.

62—Bob Jarchow-Lloyd Pickett.

63—Eric Schoonmaker-Charlie Meagher.

64—Dan Deyesso-Roger Bousquet; Peter Roque-Mark Normand.

65—Scott Coleman-David Schriever.

66—Steve Baldissari-Paul Callahan; Bob Gay-Steve Nelson.

67—Jimmy Vine-Tom Vine; John Musial-Joe Ryan.

68—Peter Inglese-Derek Barber; Billy White-Dave Turgeon; Robert Hermann-Mike Landry; Mickey Brown-Lee Marsh.

69—Bob Palos-Jack Fitzgibbons, Neil Summerfield-Brian Kidder; Sean Green-Rit Bouchard; Richard Ringler-Ken Hallberg.

70—Paul Oliveira-Bob Beach; oe Oram-Scott Campbell; Dan Jones-Tony Sanzlovar.

71—Jerry Kates-Larry Walden; Ken Allen-David Weeman; Paul Malcolm-Dave Yurek; Bill McGillis-Bryan Sweeney.

73—Peter Gay-Scott Smith.

74—Dave Grimes-Bob Donahue; Norm Bishop-Bill Clarkin.

75—Mark Mesmer-Ron Isenstadt.

76—Jay Sapovits-Greg DeSimone.

80—Dan Dees-Chuck Flickinger.

Gross Division

63—Gary Delude-Peter Fontaine.

65—Dan Deyesso-Roger Bousquet; Billy White-Dave Turgeon.

66—Steve Quaglia-Mike Stec.

69—Paul Malcolm-Dave Yurek.

70—Scott King-Ned Sweeney; Rob Hermann-Mike Landry; Joe Oram-Scott Campbell.

71—Peter Roque-Mark Normand; Neil Summerfield-Brian Kidder; Ken Allen-David Weeman; Eric Schoonmaker-Charlie Meagher.

72—Scott Coleman-David Schriever; Peter Inglese-Derek Barber; Jimmy Vine-Time Vine; Dan Jones-Ton Anzlovar.

73—Bob Jarchow-Lloyd Pickett.

74—Richard Ringler-Ken Hallberg; John Musical-Joe Ryan, Bob Gay-Steve Nelson.

75—Sean Green-Rit Bouchard; Mickey Brown-Lee Marsh; Carl Geisel-Mike Raposa.

76—Paul Oliviera-Bob Beach; Mark Mesmer-Ron Isenstadt.

77—Steve Baldassari-Paul Callahan; Bob Palos-Jack Fitzgibbons..

78—Jerry Kates-Larry Walden; Bill McGillis-Bryan Sweeney.

79—Jay Sapovits-Greg DeSimone.

82—Peter Gay-Scott Smith.

84—Bob Donahue-David Grimes.

88—Dan Dees-Chuck Flickinger.

Peter Gobis may be reached at 508-236-0375

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