Gregg Corbett of Attleboro tees off on the third hole of the AAGA Open qualifying round at Heather Hills Country Club in Plainville Friday.

PLAINVILLE — No other player in the field of over 100 was able to surpass or match the round of golf played by Mike Philipp on the South and North courses at Heather Hill Country Club Friday.

The former Bryant University Bulldog inked an even-par 71 with 14 pars on his scorecard to lead the list of 42 qualifiers for the Attleboro Area Golf Association’s Open in August.

“I was prettty solid, as usual, the goal is to keep the ball in front of you,” Philipp said of not steering his drives off of the fairway, hitting greens in regulation and shying away from three-putts.

Those players who shot 81 or better on the South-North courses will join Philipp for the opening round of the 2021 AAGA Open, beginning Aug. 19 at Foxborough Country Club.

On the North-Middle courses, North Attleboro High grad Justin Guimond and Fairfield University’s Bill Leonard of Foxborough CC shared medalist honors at 3-over-par 74. He will be joined at the four-day AAGA Open with those who carded scores of 81 or better.

On the Middle-South courses, Attleboro High grad Darian Calverly came in with a 2-over-par round of 72 to capture medalist honors and join those who shot 80 or better at the AAGA Open.

Philipp was as steady as ever, playing 2-over-par on the front South course with two bogeys (at No. 3 and No. 5) and 2-under-par on the back North course with birdies at the 342-yard, par-4 No. 2 hole and at the 498-yard, par-5 No. 4 hole.

Philipp did not have many bad swings, tapping in a birdie putt from six inches away on his 11th hole and just missing a six-foot eagle putt at the 13th hole.

“Keep the ball straight, don’t lose any balls and hit the greens,” Philipp said of surviving the narrow confines of the South course and its 14 greens.

“I pretty much took what the course was giving,” Philipp added. “This course can be frustrating, but that might have made it easier for me because I could pick a spot to land it. You wouldn’t get any Heather Hill bounces or rolls. But, the course did play longer.

“It was tricky, it was windy and the greens (groomed by superintendent Peter Fontaine) were as good as I’ve played. They rolled true.”

Philipp was three shots better on the South and North courses than Kyle Potter (15 pars) and Chris Oien (eight pars, four birdies), who came in at 74.

“The fairways were fun and I’m not used to the greens being this good, you could stop the ball on the green,” said the 34-year-old Potter, a Norton CC member, of his approach shots. “I had like 12 birdie putts too, I was playing well,” Potter said, having missed the qualifying cut last year with a round of 80.

On the par-70 Middle and South courses, Calverly finished with a dozen pars, four bogeys and birdies at the 173-par-3 No. 8 hole on the Middle Course and the 367-yard, par-4 No. 6 hole on the South Course.

Right behind him at 3-over-par 73 to qualify were Ryan McGovern (10 pars, three birdies) and Matt Wasserman (12 pars, two birdies).

On the North and Middle course, Guimond (11 pars, two birdies) and Leonard (10 pars, three birdies) were atop the leaderboard.

“I knew that I could play well,” Guimond said of growing up on the Plainville layout.

He missed the four-day 2020 AAGA Open exempt list, thus went back into the qualifying round field. Guimond play the final 12 holes at 1-under-par with birdies at par-4 No. 1 and par-3 No. 7 on the backside Middle course.

“I told myself that I was going to be the medalist for a second time, two years ago in 2019,” he said. “It could have been a lot better too, I didn’t make any putts.”

Leonard played his final 12 holes at even par with birdies at the par-4, 340-yard, par-4 No.l 1 hole and at par-5, 489-yard No. 5 hole. In his first AAGA tournament, the Westwood High grad was urged on to participate by fellow Foxborough CC members, including his brother John (Westwood High, with an 84) and cousin Charlie Baughan (the Portstmouth Abbey senior lacrosse star who shot an 81).

“My irons were good, but my driver let me down,” Leonard said of having played Heather Hill just once before. “We were talking about playing in this a couple of weeks ago. Breaking 80 that was the goal, I haven’t played a competitive round in two years. I had fun.”

Attleboro Area Golf Association Qualifying Round

Played at the par-71, 6,372-yard Heather Hill CC South-North Course

Mike Philipp 37-34--71

Kyle Potter 38-36--74

Chris Orien 36-38--76

Shawn Gaskin 36-39--75

Dan Tinkham 37-38--75

Thor VanVaerenwyck 38-38--76

David Morrill 38-39--77

Brenden Raymond 40-39--79

Dan Mills 38-41--79

Anthony Manganaro 36-44--80

Cody Nieratko 38-42--80

Steve Dow 36-45--81

Kevin Brady 38-43--81

Tony Shaw 44-37--81

Did Not Qualify

Glen Mattos 42-40--82

Tyler Letendre 42-40--82

Dan Deyesso 43-39--82

Brian Brigham 41-42--83

Zach White 46-37--83

Eric Hunt 44-39--83

Tyler Laviano 47-47--84

Chris DeSousa 43-41--84

Jay Poirier 42-42--84

Bill Copley 42-43--85

Peter Gordon 47-41--88

Lawrence Walden 41-47--88

Matt Wanless 46-42--88

Parker Sackett 46-43--89

Tim Willwerth 43-47--90

Mark Hall 49-41--90

Brendan Nolan 50-41--91

Jordan Weygand 49-42--91

Justin McGowan 51-43--94

Kyle Rivet 50-48--98

Played at the par-70, 6,005-yard Heather Hill CC Middle-South Course

Darien Calverly 36-36--72

Ryan McGovern 35-38--73

Matt Wasserman 36-37--73

Dylan Quinn 38-37--75

Andy Belastock 40-36--76

James Graham 39-37--76

Jim Harlor 39-38--77

Tim Murphy 35-42--77

Jake Gaskin 35-43--78

Jay Sapovits 39-39--78

Nate Ihley 40-39--79

Rob Theriault 42-37--79

Matt Moreshead 40-40--80]

Joe Oram, Sr. 41-39--80

Mark Troiano 41-39--80

Dan Turcotte 39-41--80

Ross Salotto 37-43--80

Did Not Qualify

Nick Matos 36-45--81

Matt DiMarco 39-44-83

Hunter Tag 43-40--83

Anthony Pirri 42-42--84

Drew MacLeod 41-43--84

Mike Derosier 42-42-84

John Leonard 42-42--84

Paul Murphy 41-44--85

Aidan Ryan 44-42--86

Logan Sloan 43-44--87

Patrick O'Hara 43-45--88

Keith Nalbach 42-46--88

Mike Perrotta 43-46--89

Matt Murray 44-45--89

Bill Gaskin 50-40--90

Dylan Sulham 45-46--91

David Schreiner 46-45--91

Eric Dursin 49-45--94

Jim Ziniti 58-53--111

Played at the par-71, 6,369-yard North-Middle Course

Justin Guimond 40-34--74

Bill Leonard 40-34--74

Paul Shannon 39-37--76

Joe Oram, Jr. 37-41--78

Jim Dickinson 41-37--78

Cian Goulet 42-37--79

Ben Dubuc 42-37--79

Bryan Savosik 41-38--79

Evan Dean 38-41--79

Dean Santangelo 39-41--80

Kyle Brown 42-38--80

Paul Lavallee 42-39--81

Charles Baughan 40-41--81

Kris Carrier 39-42--81

Did Not Qualify

Chris Minutoli 41-41--82

David Weeman 41-41--82

Richard Ringler 42-40--82

Peter Inglese 41-41--82

Jesse Donohoe 42-40--82

Jack Rounds 40-42--82

John Brunelle 40-42--82

Chad Lareau 42-42--84

Parker Silva 43-42--85

Chris Danjou 43-42--85

Shawn Cunningham 42-45--87

Jamie Hunt 44-44--88

Larry Kissell 46-43--89

Scott Coleman 46-45--91

Jordan Weygand 49-42--91

Greg Corbett 46-49--95

David Ashworth 56-49--95

Cam Martin 47-49--96

Hilmy Ismail 54-49--103

Peter Gobis may be reached at 508-236-0375

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