Dave Dube, Greg Vespe, Phil Duckett Jr. and Todd Corayer caught this 11-foot, 4-inch thresher shark when fishing southeast of Newport.

Recreational angler voices were heard at the East Coast Climate Change Scenario Planning Workshops held Aug. 17-23. The initiative is sponsored by the three East Coast Fishery Management Councils, the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission and NOAA Fisheries.

The aim of the East Coast Climate Change Scenario Planning initiative is to try to guess, with the available scientific information we have, as to what recreational and commercial fishing will be like in 20 years. How will climate impact us, what can we do to prepare and how should governance and how we manage fisheries be adjusted to accommodate change?

Dave Monti holds a captain’s master license and charter fishing license. He serves on a variety of boards and commissions and has a consulting business focusing on clean oceans, habitat preservation, conservation, renewable energy, and fisheries related issues and clients. Forward fishing news and photos to dmontifish@verison.net or visit noflukefishing.com.