KP's Abby Seaberg (right) hands off the baton to Olivia Weir for the final leg of the 4x400 Relay. KP won the race. King Philip vs Attleboro Track.

WRENTHAM - Winning the first four events of Tuesday's home meet, the King Philip Regional High girls' spring track team won its season debut of the Hockomock League season in a 92-44 trouncing of Attleboro High.

Abby Seaberg (mile, 5:42), Gianna Bender (800, 2:27) and Rachel Hogan (long Jump, 14-9) all claimed key first place wins for King Philip. Olivia Weir won the 400 and took second in the long jump, while Lucy Hamilton claimed second in both the 400 hurdles and triple jump for the Warriors.

"We came out early and grabbed a big lead," said KP coach Julie Nievergelt. "That allowed us to take control of things early."

Ashley Harding won the 100 (13.3) and took second in the 100 hurdles for AHS. KP next hosts Franklin on Thursday, while Attleboro entertains North Attleboro.

Isabelle Renzi won the long jump and triple jump while Abbie Trimbach took the shot put and discus, and Melissa Beaupre rounded things out with wins in the 100 and 200 as NORTH ATTLEBORO claimed a Hockomock League season-opening 95-41 win over Taunton.

Mikaila Amerantes claimed first place in both the 200 (25.8) and 400 (58.8) sprints, in addition to the long jump as MANSFIELD scored an 84-52 victory over Franklin its its Hockomock League season debut.

Abigail Long (11:12), Jacki Botelho (11:31) and Sarah Amato (11:39) all clocked exceptional times in a 1-2-3 finish in the two-mile run as BISHOP FEEHAN (2-0) scored a 105-31 win over Somerset Berkley in an EAC meet.

Katie McNulty clocked a 1:01 time to win the 400 and anchored the first-place 4x400 relay team, while Meg Luongo won both the long jump and 100.

The FOXBORO High Warriors bowed 92-43 to Oliver Ames. Liz Holmes won both the mile and two-mile runs for the Warriors, Berlenda Dure clocked a 12.9 in winning the 100, Morgan Garrabrant anchored the first place 4x100 relay, while Mere Cronin took second in the 800 (2:29) to qualify for the MIAA State Meet as well.

King Philip 92, Attleboro 44: 400 hurdles 1-McNeil (KP), 2-Hamilton (KP) 3-Forkash (KP), 1:07; Mile 1-Seaberg (KP), 2-Andrews (A), 3-Aubin (KP) 5:42; 100 hurdles 1- Beaounos(KP), 2-Harding (A), 3-Berdos (KP) 16.6; 100 1-Harding (A), 2-Beaounos (KP), 3-Hogan (KP), 13.3; 400 1-Weir (KP), 2-Gulino (A), 3-Lane (KP), 58.3; 800 1-Bender (KP), 2-Blanchette (A), 3-Magane (KP), 2:27; 200 1-Gulino (A), 2-Colgan (KP, 3-Kelly (KP), 26.5; Two miile 1-Sullivan (KP), 2-Andrews (A), 3-Satarski (KP), 12:15; Long Jump 1-Hogan (KP), 2-Weir (KP), 3-Sullivan (KP) 14-9.5; Triple Jump 1-C. Daggett (A), 2-Hamilton (KP), 3-Sullivan (KP) 29-6 1/4; High Jump 1-C. Daggett (A), 2-A. Daggett (A), 3-Berdos (KP), 5-1; Shot put 1-Kelleher (KP), 2-Cote (KP), 3-Mammoli (A), 29-6 3/4; Discus 1-Kelleher (KP), 2-Bolton (KP), 3-Sullivan (KP), 81-7; Javelin 1-Pike (A), 2-Bolduc (KP), 3-Balton (KP), 87-4; 4x400 1-KP (Lane, Weir, Hamilton, Seaberg), 4x100 1-KP (Colgan, Kelly, Hopkins, Hogan).

Mansfield 84, Franklin 52: 400 1-Robinson (F), 2-Hartnett (F), 3-Roche (F), 74.4; 100 1-Kroushi (F), 2-Corkery (M), 3-Salden (M), 12.8; Mile 1-Doherty (F), 2-Bjorkman (M), 3-Debolt (M), 5:34.6; 400 1-Amarentes (M), 2-Stier (M), 3-Rebello (F), 58.8; 100 hurdles 1-Wagner (M), 2-Neal (F), 3-Smith (F), 17.2; 800 1-Robinson (F). 2-Rowe (M), Duggan (M), 2:25.4; 200 1-Amerantes (M), 2-Kroushi (F), 3-Salden (M), 25.8; Two mile 1-Bjorkman (M), 2-DeBolt (M), 3-Clermont (F), 12:45.8; Shot put 1-Pepicelli (M), 2-Young (M), 3-Darcy (M), 28-10; Discus 1-Darcy (M), 2-Debold (M), 3-Pepicelli (M), 84-10; Javelin 1-Falcone (F), 2-Broyles (M), 3-Mackie (M), 92-7; Long Jump 1-Amarentes (M), 2-Neal (F), 3-Corkery (M), 5-10 1/2; Triple Jump 1-Neal (F), 2-Horn (M), 3-Roche (F), 33-8; High Jump 1-Farnan (F), 2-Houghey (M), 3-DeBolt (M), 4-8; 4x100 relay 1-Msf., 54.1; 4x400 relay 1-Msf., 4:11.8.

North Attleboro 95, Taunton 41: 400 hurdles 1-Maki (T), 2-Ashworth (NA), 3-Dias (T), 66.6; 100 1-Beaupre (NA), 2-Hunter (NA), 3-Tichelaur (T), 12.5; Mile 1-Roberts (NA), 2-Leary (NA), 3-Choiniere (NA), 5:44; 400 1-Hiltz (NA), 2-Rosado (T), 3-Suarez (T), 61.4; 100 hurdles 1-Dubuc (NA), 2-Durtell (T), 3-Moui (NA), 16.8; 800 1-Guertin (NA), 2-Grundy, (T), 3-Vincent (T), 2:29.2; 200 1-Beaupre, 2-O'Gara (T), 3-Renzi (NA), 26; Two mile 1-Ashworth (NA), 2-Baptiste (T), 3-Monahan (NA), 12:41.4; Shot put 1-Trimbach (NA), 2-Peters (NA), 3-Paul (NA), 30-11; Discus 1-Trimbach (NA), 2-Paul (NA), 3-Tejada (T), 80-9 1/2; Javelin 1-Leon (T), 2-Beaupre (NA), 3-MacPherson (NA), 113-2; High Jump 1-Boulanger (NA), 2-tie: Gaskin (NA), Stokes (T), 4-8; Long Jump 1-Renzi (NA), 2-O'Gara (T), 3-Tiechelaur (T), 15-10; Triple Jump 1-Renzi (NA), 2-Britta (NA), 3-Kiera (NA), 32-4; 4x100 relay 1-Taunton, 53:00; 4x400 relay 1-NA, 4:22.7

Bishop Feehan 105, Somerset Berkley 31: Shot put 1-Kelleher (BF), 2-Prosper (BF), 3-DaSilva (SB), 32-2 1/2; Discus 1-Shrimp (BF), 2-Sargent (SB), 3-Gagnon (BF), 71-5; Long jump 1-Luongo (BF), 2-Torres (SB), 3-Ashton (SB), 16-5; javelin 1-O'neill (BF), 2-Prosper (BF), 3-Gagnon (BF), 96-11; Triple jump 1-A. Bruno (BF), 2-Farren (BF), 3-Garcia (SB), 31-3 1/2; High jump 1-Farren (BF), 2-Knight (SB), 3-H. Bruno (BF), 4-10; Mile 1-Hannon (BF), 2-Santoro (BF), 3-McCarthy (BF), 5:17; 400 hurdles 1-H. Bruno (BF), 2-Raposa (SB), 3-Torres (SB), 1:11.2; 100 1-Luongo (BF_, 2-Leahy (BF), 3-A. Bruno (BF),13.3; 800 1-Carmody (BF), 2-McGill (BF), 3-Rodrigues (BF), 2:22.4; 400 1-McNulty (BF), 2-Lahiff (BF), 3-Stewart (SB), 1:01.2; 100 hurdles 1-Raposa (SB), 2-0"Toole (BF), 3-Gill (SB), 17.4; 200 1-Butler (BF), 2-Shaker (SB), 3-Ingengeri (BF), 27.3; Two mile 1-Long (BF), 2-Botelho (BF), 3-Amato (BF), 11:12; 4x100 relay 1-SB, 56.0; 4x400 relay 1-BF (Lahiff, Szcanpowski, McNulty, Ingengeri), 4:23.

Oliver Ames 93, Foxboro 43: 400 hurdles 1-Osborne (OA), 2-Miluka (OA), 2-C.Wright (OA), 67.4; 100 1-Dure (F), 2-Vanden Boon (F), 3-Flaherty (OA), 12.9; Mile 1-Holmes (OA) 2-Todd (F), 3-Weinthrob (OA), 5:31.3; 400 1-L.Wright (OA), 2-McLaughlin (OA), 3-Syxes (F), 63.2; 110 hurdles 1-Eldridge (OA), 2-Morse (OA), 3-Bressette (OA), 16.8; 800 1-Lowney (NA), 2-Cronan (F), 3-Robarge (OA), 2:28; 200 meter 1-Osborne (OA), 2-Dure (F), 3-Burns (F), Two mile 1-Holmes (F), 2-Halmberg (OA), 3-Connaley (OA), 12.05; 4x100 relay 1-Foxboro, 56.4; 4x400 relay 1-OA, 427.3; Shot put 1-Eldridge (OA), 2-Akanegbu (OA), 3-Stanatees (F), 35-5; Discus 1-Akanegbu (OA), 2-Gilreath (F), 3-Allen (F), 80-2; Javelin 1-Eldridge (OA), Sirois (OA), Webster (OA), 108-3; Long Jump 1-Osborne (OA), 2-Clark (OA), Dure (F), 15-9; Triple Jump 1-Leroy (OA), 2-Flaherty (OA), 3-Marse (OA), 32-5; High Jump 1-Mileika (OA), 2-McDonald (F), 3-Webster (OA), 5.

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