FALMOUTH — Seekonk High’s Andrew Cabral and King Philip Regional High senior Mike Griffin proved to be among the fleetest of the fields assembled for the MSTCA Bob McIntyre Twilight Meet at the Barnstable County Fairgrounds.

Cabral clocked a time of 15:41 to finish third overall, while coach Frank Mooney’s Seekonk High Warriors captured the Division 2 Small School Division Team championship.

Griffin clocked a personal-best time on the five-kilometer course to capture the No. 5 spot overall in the Boys’ Large School Division race at the MSTCA meet.

Meanwhile, Foxboro High’s Abby Hassman and Seekonk High’s Abigail Tenreiro both broke into the top-10 individual finishers at the Division 2 Small School Division meet.

“She was flying,” Foxboro High coach Joe Cusack said of Hassmann, the senior who finished No. 3 overall — one second out of second place — who will be a favorite for Saturday’s Hockomock League Championship Meet after covering the five-kilometer course in 17:59. Tenreiro, meanwhile, led the Seekonk girls’ team to an 11th-place finish among the teams in the field, taking the No. 10 spot (18:43).

Seekonk had four runners finish among the top 62 in the Division 2 Boys’ field, with Zach Laverdiere (16:30) and Henry Jordan finishing within eight seconds of each other for the No. 24 and 29 spots as the Warriors totaled 178 points to outdistance Wilmington (189) and Martha’s Vineyard (193) for the team title.

“Andrew ran a great race; one, because he had been sick all week, and two, because with some 350 runners in the race, it was narrow at the starting line and everyone had to fight for space,” Mooney said.

Foxboro High’s Ryan Proulx was the top Hockomock League finisher in the Division 2 Small School Division race, taking the No. 11 spot (16:07).

Taking top honors in representing the Hockomock League, KP’s Griffin finished in fifth place overall amidst the field of over 300 runners in the Large School Division at 15:45.2. He was six seconds ahead of teammate and No. 8 finisher Mike Norberg, who also logged a personal-best time (15.51.5). All told, 21 of the 24 competing members of the King Philip High teams ran personal-best times, with Maya Evans taking the No. 23 spot (19:05.8).

For Attleboro High in the Large School Division, Kim Esteban (19:44.9) and Kelley Neuendorf finished with 13 seconds of each other in the girls’ varsity race to take the No. 44 and 54 spots, respectively. For the Bombardier boys, Nathan Seybert was the lone top 100 finisher, taking the No. 30 spot (16:22.8).

For Mansfield High in the Large School Division, the Mullahy brothers finished within 28 seconds of each other, with Owen taking the No. 18 spot (16:08) and Mike finishing at No. 41 (16:36). Tessa Lancaster closed at 19:33.6 for the Hornet girls’ team, finishing 33rd overall in the girls’ varsity race.

For North Attleboro High in the Large School Division, junior Melissa Sapini 20:40.7 was the lone Rocketeer, male or female, to break into the top 100 in the varsity races, taking the No. 95 spot.

At the Catholic Memorial Invitational Meet, the Bishop Feehan High boys’ and girls’ teams both had strong showings, finishing third and fourth, respectively.

In addition, Shamrock Casey Gorhan took second place in the boys’ freshman race (10:16), while Shamrock Valerie Capalbo took second in the girls’ freshman race (12:44).

Seniors Lucas Jacques (16:56) and Jackson Craig finished within six seconds of each other for Bishop Feehan in taking the No. 7 and 8 spots, respectively, as the Shamrocks totalled 82 team points.

Junior Sophia Arruda ran spectacularly, taking second place (at 19:44), six seconds off of the winning pace for the Bishop Feehan High girls’ team, which totaled 113 points. Notably, the next six Bishop Feehan runners finished with 62 seconds of each other, with Isabella Simoneau cracking the top 20 at No. 19 (20:45).

Also in the McIntyre Twilight Meet’s Small School division, Paul Wisnaskas (17:22) and Kevin Mahoney (17:33) both broke into the top 100 for the Norton High Lancers. Skye Goba and Sarah LaFrancois finished within 1:04 of each other to also finish among the top 100.

Jenn Yeomans, the captain of the Foxboro High swimming team, ran a strong 20:39 time to finish in the No. 52 spot in the Small School girls’ race.

Alex Violet (16:53) and Jason Ruta finished within 16 seconds of each other for the No. 44 and 57 spots in representing Dighton-Rehoboth at the Small School Division race. The Falcons had a trio of top-10 performances in the “sophomore” races, including Josh Rebello taking eighth place for the boys, while Avery Thomas and Isabelle Murdock finished within 10 seconds of each other for the No. 5 and 8 spots for the girls’ team.

Similarly did Seekonk High display its future as sophomore Kelsey Gendreau took ninth in the sophomore race, while Kylie Halpin was ninth in the freshman race.

Full results available at thesunchronicle.com.

MSTCA Twilight Cross Country Meet

At Barnstable County Fairgrounds

Large School Division

Attleboro results: Boys -- 30-Nathan Seybert 16:22.8, 126-Francis Wenner 17:26.8, 146-Neil Bowie 17:42.6, 163-Sean Cataloni 17:52.3, 170-Zach Stromfors 17:56.2, 176-Zach Martin 17:58.7, 204-Josh Tiews 18:22.8; Junior varsity: 77-Eric Laurila 19:01, 95-Sam Block 19:15; Girls — 44-Kim Esteban 19:44.9, 54-Kelly Neuendorf 19:57.6, 168-Dana Blouin 22:20.7, 195-Morgan Coleman 23:24.4; Freshman race: 83-Grace Lehane 16:37, 100-Macey Jamieson 18:29

King Philip results: Boys — 5-Mike Griffin 15:45.2, 8-Mike Norberg 17:09.8, 89-Dan Botte 17:55, 168-Nathan Farkash 17:55, 175-Jovan Joseph; 17:58.3, 230-Andrew Noke 19:02.2; Freshman race: 10-Brandon Berdos 11:43.7, 26-Nate Sylven 12:07, 100-Max Miller 13:08; Girls — Maya Evans 19:05.8, 135-Dayna Aubin 21:35.5, 145-Abigail Simmons 21:49.8, 171-Erin Regnier 22:32, 174-Abigail Meader 22:36.7; Junior varsity 97-Caroline Pasquantonio 24:23; Sophomore race: 61-Leah Vigevani 23:57.7, 86-Alexis Andrews 25:09, 98-Cassidy Muldowney 26:24, 99-Delia Conlin 26:29; Freshman race: 52-Katarina Precobb 15:38, 81-Leah Burke 16:25

Mansfield results: Boys — 18-Owen Mullahy 16:08, 41-Mike Mullahy 16:36, 127-Ben Giffen 17:29; Junior varsity 113-Mike Peel 19:26; Sophomore race: 7-Chris Leonard 17:08, 12-Collin Stevens 17:19.2th overall 17:19; Girls — 33-Tessa Lancaster 19:33.6, 102-Jess Alestock 20:51.2, 110-Emma Lamson 20:58.7, 162-Anne Riley 22:13.3, 188-Julia Miller 23:10.1, 206-Grace Benton 24:08.5; Freshman race: 13-Alexis Divasta 14:03.6, 20-Devin Anderson 14:19.2, 42-Haley Windvogel 15:17.2, 86-Eva Sylvain 16:42.9.

North Attleboro results: Boys — 162-Dan Nobrega 17:52.2, 197-Will Bradley 18:15.1, 210-Jack McLaughlin 18:30.2, 218-Mark Carlson 18:43.9, 243-Aidan Judge 19:48.7; Girls — 95-Melissa Sapini 20:40.7, 100-Emily Manning 20:49.6, 122-Cate Hanewich 21:15.5, 126-Olivia Forbes 21:24.1, 134-Shruti Srinivasan 21:32.3, 159-Maria Botelho 22:08; Junior varsity 100-Lauren Cooper 24:24

Small School Division

Dighton-Rehoboth results: Boys — 44-Alex Violet 16:53, 57-Jason Ruta 17:09; Sophomore race 8-Josh Rebello 17:31; Girls — 147-Ciara Abrantes; Sophomore race: 5-Avery Thomas 21:23, 8-Isabelle Murdock 21:33.

Norton results: Boys -- 74-Paul Wisnaskas 17:22, 86-Kevin Mahoney 17:33, 108-Thomas Bingel 17:44, 112-Sean Wynne 17:47, 144-Aidan Masse 18:05, 214-Gabe Dennett 18:54; Junior varsity race: 15-Derek Bamford 18:20; Sophomore race 25-Charlie Mills 18:25; Freshman race: 121-Brandon Seville 12:01; Girls — 17-Isabella Pietrasiewicz 19:09, 48-Skye Goba 20:27, 89-Sarah LaFrancois 21:31, 133-Allison Leo 22:15, 144-Ashley Johnson 22:27, 146-Sienna Pietrasiewicz 22:28.

Foxboro results: Boys — 11-Ryan Proulx 16:07, 173-Jake Parkman 18:26; Girls — 3-Abby Hassmann 17:59, 52-Jenn Yeomans 20:39, 74-Emily Steele 21:10, 103-Anya Doherty 21:40, 127-Emilia Lacy 22:05; Junior varsity race: 14-Amy Conley 21:41.

Seekonk results: Boys — 3-Andrew Cabral 15:41, 24-Zach Laverdiere 16:30, 29-Henry Jordan 16:38, 62-Jacob Klang 17:54, 84-Marcus Hoskins 17:31, 86-Zach Reed 17:33, 161-James Tenreiro 18:19; Junior varsity race: 20-Caleb Cloud 18:26, 21-Sean Simmons 18:27; Girls — 10-Abigail Tenreiro 18:43, 40-Hannah Bradbury 20:04, 99-Julia Rickard 21:39, 130-Vanessa Jacombe 22:11, 151-Dalia Rancourt 22:38; Sophomore race: 9-Kelsey Gendreau 21:34; Freshman race: 9-Kylie Halpin 13:54.

Catholic Memorial Invitational Meet

Boys’ team scores: 1-Winnacunnett Reg. 47, 2-Marshfield 55, 3-Bishop Feehan 82. Girls’ team scores: 1-Marshfield 59, 2-Beverly 82, 3-Lexington 104, 4-Bishop Feehan 113.

Bishop Feehan results: Boys — 7-Lucas Jacques 16:56, 8-Jackson Craig 17:02, 25-Seamus Sutula 17:44, 27-Ethan Gallishaw 17:47, 37-Jason Bisciotti 18:42; Girls — 2-Sophia Arruda 19:44, 19-Isabella Simoneau 20:49, 29-Amelia Mignacca 21:18, 30-Morgan Kennedy 21:19, 37-Ava Mitchell 21:28, 45-Madison Costa 21:51, 76-Elizabeth Parkinson 23:13.

Peter Gobis may be reached at 508-236-0375

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