Highland Park Invitational

Seekonk High’s Andrew Cabral, far right, battles for the lead in the boys’ varsity race of the Highland Park Invitational held Saturday morning at the Mark Coogan cross country course in Attleboro. Cabral won the meet by a nine-second margin.

ATTLEBORO — The fleetest of the field for the inaugural Highland Park Invitational Cross Country Meet was Andrew Cabral of Seekonk High.

“It was an awesome meet, is was really well run,” North Attleboro High coach Anne McGrail said of the elite field of 22 teams for both boys and girls races on the new course, the site of the former Highland Country Club.

Some 2,000 parents, family members and friends, along with hundreds of some of the elite running schools in New England took part in the event.

“It was just an awesome day,” Bishop Feehan High coach Bob L’Homme said of the meet, which took place on the Mark Coogan course, named for the former Shamrock and U.S. Olympic team runner who partook in the ceremony, along with U.S. Olympian John Gregorek Sr. of Seekonk.

“The races were on schedule every step of the way,” L’Homme said of the start to the finish.

Cabral, a Seekonk High junior, captured first in the boys’ varsity race by a nine-second margin over a runner from Wellesley, covering the 3.1-mile course in 16:17.

“Tactically, he ran a very good race,” Seekonk High coach Frank Mooney said of Cabral. “With so many good runners in the field, we told him that he couldn’t wait — other kids are know for their kicks. Cabral ran a strong first mile of the race and took control of the outcome just past the two-mile mark.

LaSalle Academy of Providence captured the boys’ team title, while the Rams also provided the No. 1 overall finisher in the girls’ race.

While Cabral was the top area runner in the boys’ race, the King Philip High Warriors delivered a pair of top 10 showings from Mike Norberg (fifth, 16:40) and Mike Griffin (seventh, 16:47).

Foxboro High’s Ryan Proulx was next among area entrants, taking 11th in 16:56. Seekonk High’s Henry Jordan finished 13th (16:59), while Mansfield High’s Owen Mullahy finished 14th (17:00).

Sophomore Patrick Healey of Bishop Feehan demonstrated his potential by finishing 25th (17:18).

“It was a harder course than everyone thought,” L’Homme said of the golf course site.

Attleboro High senior Nathan Seybert was the first Bombardier across the finish line at 27 (17:23), a stride ahead of Mansfield’s Mike Mullahy, the No. 28 finisher (17:25).

Providence’s LaSalle Academy claimed the team title in the boys’ race with 87 points, two ahead of Wellesley. In addition to the No. 3 runner, the Rams had the No. 18-20-22-24 finishers.

Foxboro High senior Abby Hassman was the top female finisher from Massachusetts and the area, taking the No. 4 spot at 19:28. “There was no better way to open the invitational season,” Foxboro coach Joe Cusack said. “Abby (Hassman) ran as well as we could have hoped, and looked like the kind of runner who could win some big races the rest of the way.”

The Warrior finished a stride ahead of Seekonk High ace Abigail Tenreiro, the No. 5 finisher (19:34). Bishop Feehan High junior Sophia Arruda also made a strong top-10 showing, taking ninth in 20:14.

Mansfield High’s Tessa Lancaster finished 14th (20:34), Attleboro High’s Kelley Neuendorf finished 22nd (21:12) and King Philip High sophomore Maya Evans took 33rd (21:30).

Lexington High captured the girls’ team title with 96 points, three points ahead of East Greenwich, R.I. Lexington took the No. 7 and No. 8 spots for the title. LaSalle Academy’s Kaylie Armitage captured the individual title at 18:31.

The Bishop Feehan nurtured Doran family, Dave and Kyle, donated $50,000 to the Attleboro Parks and Recreation Dept. to assist in the development of the site for running.

The Attleboro Public Works Dept. also mowed what was the Highland CC driving range to accommodate the overflow parking crunch, while parents from the host schools Attleboro High, Bishop Feehan served as volunteer rangers and site supervisors.

Highland Park Invitational Cross Country Meet

Boys’ Team scores: 1-LaSalle Academy 87, 2-Wellesely 89, 3-Lexington 106, 4-Brookline 161, 5-St. Raphael Academy 170, 6-Cumberland 183, 7-Bishop Feehan 205, 8-Seekonk 227, 9-King Philip 242, 10-East Greenwich 148, 11-Wobrun, 12-Attleboro 285, 14-Mansfield 316, 18-Foxboro 470, 20-North Attleboro 582.

Girls’ Team scores: 1-Lexington 96, 2-East Greenwich 99, 3-Brooklin 129, 4-LaSalle Academy 143, 5-Bishop Feehan 153, 6-Coventry 160, 7-Cumberland 162, 8-Wellesley 164, 9-Shepherd Hill 166, 10-Seekonk 263, 11-King Philip 285, 12-Foxboro 295.

Attleboro placements: Boys — 27-Nathan Seybert 17:23, 49-Francis Wenner 17:59, 76-Zack Martin 18:42, 79-Neil Bowie 18:52, 83-Sean Cataloni 19:04, 100-Josh Tieuf 29:38; Girls — 22-Kelley Neuendorf 21:12, 45-Kim Esteban 22:15, 105-Morgan Coleman 25:46, 114-Julianna Parsons 29:03.

Bishop Feehan placements: Boys — 25-Patrick Healey 17:18, 43-Jackson Craig 17:44, 45-Lucas Jacques 17:53,. 46-Lincoln Schneider 17:54, 51-Casey Gorhan 18:01, 71-Seamus Sutula 18:36, 83-Jason Bisciotti 19:04; Girls — 9-Sophia Arruda 20:14, 32-Bella Simoneau 21:29, 36-Valerie Capalbo 21:58, 40-Amelia Mignacca 22:05, 54-Morgan Kennedy 22:40, 72-Beth Parkinson 23:29

Seekonk placements: Boys — 1-Andrew Cabral 16:17, 13-Henry Jordan 16:59, 81-Marcus Hoskins 18:59, 86-Zach Reed 19:17, 96-Jacob Klang 19:33; Girls — 5-Abigail Tenreiro 19:34, 24-Hannah Bradury 21:23, 82-Julia Rickard 23:52.

Mansfield placements: Boys — 14-Owen Mullahy 17:00, 28-Mike Mullahy 17:25, 87-Colin Stevens 19:18, 89-Ben Giffen 19:19, 105-James Schlenker 19:25; Girls — 14-Tessa Lancaster 20:34.13, 58-Jess Alestock 22:52.47, 67-Emma Lamson 23:11.84, 85-Anne Riley 24:03.

North Attleboro placements: Boys — 110-Will Atwood 20:04, 121-Aidan Judge 20:46.

King Philip placements: Boys — 5-Mike Norberg 16:40, 7-Mike Griffin 16:47, 60-Dan Botte 18:15, 84-Jovan Joseph 19:06, 93-Brendan Weddleton 19:29, 101-Nathan Farkash 19:40; Girls — 33-Maya Evans 21:30, 56-Ava Pisani 22:44, 66-Meg Sherwood 23:10, 81-Dana Aubin 23:27, 84-Erin Regnier 24:01, 89-Abby Simmons 24:19.

Foxboro placements: Boys — 11-Ryan Proulx 16:56, 106-Nate Palter 19:49, 116-Jacob Parkman 20:29; Girls — 4-Abby Hassman 19:28, 50-Jenn Yeomans 22:27, 90-Isabelle Hallal 24:31.

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