EASTON — The King Philip High girls’ soccer team ran into too many walls, atop the penalty-box area, from 30 yards out, just even moving the ball past midfield.

“Oliver Ames is excellent in their half of the field,” KP coach Gary Pichel said after the Warriors fell 3-0 to the Tigers Tuesday in the Kelley-Rex Division championship match of the Hockomock League Cup.

OA (7-1-5) was scheduled to advance to the Hockomock championship match, but the Davenport Division title match between Foxboro and Canton slated for Thursday was postponed due to a case of COVID-19.

OA, the third-highest scoring team (25 goals) in the Hockomock League, took the lead on a late first-quarter goal, and then tallied twice in the third quarter.

But it was the Tigers’ ability to win 50-50 balls and most of the challenges through the midfield that disrupted KP’s attempts to advance the ball and generate an attack.

“Britt (Sellmayer, the OA coach) said it was their best game of the year, the best that they’ve played,” Pichel added. “We made a couple of mistakes defensively, not that it would have mattered.”

KP senior midfielder Ava Tormey was boundless with her energy in attempting to win loose balls and build some offense. Other than a few long balls played onto the OA goal and into the penalty-box area, “They didn’t let us near the 20 (yard line),” Pichel added. “We couldn’t break them down.”

KP finished the season at 7-5-2 overall. “Considering how much that we lost through graduation (high-scoring Avery Snead and Chloe Layne), getting to our league finals and getting to play as many matches as we did, that’s a lot to be grateful for,” Pichel said.

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