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New England Patriots’ offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels doesn’t intend to revise the Patriots’ offense to accomodate new wide receiver Antonio Brown.

FOXBORO — New England offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels took responsibility for aspects relating to the lack of offensive production during his conference call on Tuesday, following the Patriots’ 28-22 loss to the Houston Texans two days prior.

McDaniels talked about the offense’s red-zone troubles, an area where the Patriots rank 24th in the NFL. He took ownership, saying he has to do a better job at “trying to find the right answers each week and put our guys in the right position.”

McDaniels also discussed why it seems the offense has been willing to throw more than run in the red zone, saying that it is a function of the way opposing defenses are playing, coupled with what the Patriots’ offense has confidence in.

“It’s my responsibility to put us in good positions to be successful down there, and I want to make sure I do the best job I can to give our guys the best chance to score because that’s ultimately the reason why we’re on the field,” McDaniels said.

“I know we had a couple situations down there in the game (against Houston) where we were behind and you’re throwing a little bit more than running in those scenarios normally anyway,” he added. “Our goal is to always try to be as efficient as we can be and do the thing that gives us the best chance to have success. I certainly am not opposed to being more run than pass or more pass than run if it’s going to be successful for our team.”

McDaniels took ownership again when he was asked if he feels like the Patriots’ offense has done enough things well through the first 12 weeks to make him feel like it can be the offense he wants it to be.

The Patriots rank among the middle of the NFL in third down conversions, sixth in the NFL in points scored, 14th in yards per game and 21st in rushing yards per game.

“I think there’s a lot of things that you could look at that you could say we could improve on — certainly, that’s the truth,” McDaniels said. “I think it’s been the truth most seasons that I’ve ever coached. But, at the end of the day, there are certain things that we have to do well in order to give our team the best chance to be successful, some of which we’ve done decent throughout the course of the year and some of which we certainly need to do better.

“I start with me,” McDaniels added. “I can do a better job of trying to do that and that’s what my focus is on, and hopefully we can make some strides and improve in a lot of areas this week, as well.”

The 10-2 Patriots will have that chance when they host the 8-4 Kansas City Chiefs at Gillette Stadium on Sunday.

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