Mealey, Remby top YMCA triathlon

Patrick Nash of Wrentham was the top local finisher, coming in third overall.

WRENTHAM - Robert Mealey of Norwood bested 200 other competitors in the fourth annual Hockomock Area YMCA Triathlon, held on Sunday at Lake Pearl.

The race consisted of a 500-meter swim, a nine-mile bike ride and finished with a 3.1-mile run. Mealey finished in 50:43, edging out Brian Ahern of Smithfield, R.I. (51:13) and Patrick Nash of Wrentham (51:31).

Caitlin Remby of Boston was the top female finisher, coming in at 54:16, which put her 16th overall out of the 201 participants. Jen Lemieux was the second female (55:42), followed by Debbie Rhines of Plainville (58:07).

Proceeds from the event benefit the YMCA's Reach Out for Youth and Families campaign.

4th Annual Hockomock Area YMCA Triathlon

1-Robert Mealey, Norwood, 50:43; 2-Brian Ahern, Smithfield, 51:13; 3-Patrick Nash, Wrentham, 51:31; 4-Bob Lamothe, Warwick, 52:00; 5-Michael Medeiros, Plainville, 53:02; 6-Dan Augustyn, Mansfield, 53:09; 7-Dustin Weigl, Southborough, 53:15; 8-David Dearcy, Chepachet, 53:52; 9-Edward Rheaume, Berkley, 53:59; 10-Michael Lynch, Narragansett, 54:08; 11-Caitlin Remby, Boston, 54:16; 12-Jen Lemieux, 55:42; 13-Brandon Bell, Barrington, 55:45; 14-Sean Matlis, Cambridge, 55:52; 15-Matt Reiling, Norwood, 56:08; 16-Daniel Davin, Franklin, 56:28; 17-Chris Zerrip, Foxboro, 56:36; 18-Scott Brown, Wrentham, 56:38; 19-Tom Wilder, Newton, 57:11; 20-Michael Monahan, North Attleboro, 57:15.

21-John Lesperance, Franklin, 57:24; 22-Debbie Rhines, Plainville, 58:07; 23-Mark Morin, Providence, 58:23; 24-Daniel Azevedo, Fall River, 28:31; 25-Nicholas Gernt, Cranston, 58:35; 26-Joe Hamm, Medway, 58:40; 27-Daniel Force, Portsmouth, 58:43; 28-Greg Nemes, Providence, 59:03; 29-Michael Hines, North Attleboro, 59:06; 30-Scott Duhaime, Bolton, 59:17; 31-August Gangi, North Easton, 59:34; 32-John Precobb, Wrentham, 59:53; 33-Bert Allen, Pascoab, 1:00:05; 34-Richard Easton, Boston, 1:00:32; 35-Gregory Donoghue, Holliston, 1:00:36; 36-Jay Fitton, Foxboro, 1:00:42; 37-Brian Knox, Plainville, 1:00:53; 38-Steven Ainsley, Wellesley, 1:01:12; 39-Michael Smith, Franklin, 1:01:32; 40-Joe Woicik, Attleboro, 1:01:45.

41-David Lafreniere, North Attleboro, 1:01:46; 42-Ron Blain, Cumberland, 1:02:01; 43-Will Whiting, Windham, 1:02:28; 44-Patrick Dunfey, Norfolk, 1:02:38; 45-Jason Williams, Hartford, 1:02:55; 46-Bethany Daniels, Dartmouth, 1:03:03; 47-Scott Caldwell, Manville, 1:03:25; 48-Steven Hall, Plymouth, 1:03:33; 49-Mike Bonner, Duxbury, 1:03:47; 50-Pamela Kelly, Dartmouth, 1:04:01; 51-Lindsay Bulso, Brighton, 1:04:23; 52-Charles Magnarelli, Bridgewater, 1:04:25; 53-John Fitts, Mansfield, 1:04:28; 54-Brian Mahon, Franklin, 1:05:04; 55-Sara Baker, Boston, 1:05:10; 56-Jeffrey Greene, Natick, 1:05:16; 57-Matt Ellis, Wrentham, 1:05:31; 58-Karen Greene, Natick, 1:05:31; 59-Deb Beal, Scituate, 1:05:35; 60-Karen Hess, Westwood, 1:05:50.

61-Neil Yonker, Newton, 1:05:59; 62-Daniel Foster, Brighton, 1:06:06; 63-Michael Cullinane, Wrentham, 1:06:08; 64-Geoff McGean, Lincoln, 1:06:26; 65-John Burns, Franklin, 1:06:39; 66-Jenn Devlin, Hopkinton, 1:06:47; 67-Michael Noke, Norfolk, 1:07:03; 68-Paul Maiorano, Shrewsbury, 1:07:06; 69-Amanda Zarle, Wellesley, 1:07:08; 70-Michael P. Brady, New York, 1:07:29; 71-Vinny Aguiar, Foxboro, 1:08:07; 72-Michael Collins, Attleboro, 1:08:20; 73-Nicole Sheahan, Westport, 1:08:24; 74-Ashley Arnold, Bellingham, 1:08:43; 75-Michael McGean, Lincoln, 1:08:54; 76-Christopher Fay, West Roxbury, 1:08:57; 77-Hongzhi Cai, North Attleboro, 1:09:10; 78-Matt Birnie, Mansfield, 1:09:13; 79-Jeff Heinrich, Marshfield, 1:09:15; 80-Laura Difelice, Attleboro, 1:09:40.

81-Nicki Pardo, Mansfield, 1:09:45; 82-Lee Chiang, Lexington, 1:09:58; 83-Joshua Francis, Pawtucket, 1:10:04; 84-Monique Jankowski, Mansfield, 1:10:09; 85-Jay McDonough, Norwood, 1:10:16; 86-PJ Sullivan, Franklin, 1:10:20; 87-Julie Walker, Boston, 1:10:30; 88-Bryan O'Rourke, Norton, 1:10:30; 89-Benjamin Kahrl, Dartmouth, 1:10:32; 90-Marc Hoffman, Mansfield, 1:10:38; 91-Thomas Conneely, Norwood, 1:10:57; 92-Andrea Foley, Plainville, 1:11:13; 93-Morgan Peth, Boston, 1:11:17; 94-Angela Magnarelli, Bridgewater, 1:11:26; 95-Anna Israel, Cambridge, 1:11:26; 96-Michael Powderly, Walpole, 1:11:41; 97-Mark Vaughan, Foxboro, 1:11:49; 98-Jack Mizerak, Lexington, 1:11:53; 99-Aimee Sullivan, Mansfield, 1:11:53; 100-Dan Parkinson, North Attleboro, 1:11:57.

101-Karen Luchini, Lemister, 1:12:00; 102-Jeffrey Pond, Franklin, 1:12:05; 103-Camilo Basto, Boston, 1:12:10; 104-Patrick Martin, Foxboro, 1:12:21; 105-Tom Sullivan, Wrentham, 1:12:36; 106-Robert Aiguier, Braintree, 1:12:39; 107-Kelly Pasquantonio, Plainville, 1:12:41; 108-Lisa Morrissey, Walpole, 1:12:47; 109-Nicholas Catano, Worcester, 1:12:54; 110-Lori Silverstein, Wellesley, 1:13:01; 111-Roberto Kolter, Cambridge, 1:13:49; 112-Maria Mercedes Zambran, Cambridge, 1:13:35; 113-Deborah Neary, Mansfield, 1:13:49; 114-Caroline Bonner, Duxbury, 1:13:53; 115-Norige Mark, North Attleboro, 1:13:56; 116-Jared Kohr, Franklin, 1:14:30; 117-James Crawford, Mansfield, 1:14:32; 118-Robert Chartrand, Wrentham, 1:14:48; 119-E.J. Winslow, Norfolk, 1:15:00; 120-Mason Rufflin, Worcester, 1:15:01.

121-Mark Tiede, Franklin, 1:15:02; 122-David Hack, Sharon, 1:15:05; 123-Jason Pearl, Coral Gables, Fla., 1:15:07; 124-Don MacEachern, North Attleboro, 1:15:07; 125-Adrienne Breef-Pilz, Mansfield, 1:15:23; 126-Szymon Zietek, Northborough, 1:15:51; 127-Michelle Mendes, Rochester, 1:15:53; 128-Thomas Swenson, Franklin, 1:16:06; 129-Theresa Capobianco, Northboro, 1:16:08; 130-Brandon Miranda, Taunton, 1:16:18; 131-Karla Garvin, Medway, 1:16:18; 132-Russell Taddeo, Franklin, 1:16:25; 133-Mary Pasquantonio, Plainville, 1:16:31; 134-Keith Morgado, Carver, 1:16:55; 135-Robert Paulson, Foxboro, 1:17:01; 136-Martha Mance, South Easton, 1:17:16; 137-Jo-Ellen McCarrick, Upton, 1:17:26; 138-Mark Eddy, Mansfield, 1:17:26; 139-Tina Bessette, Attleboro, 1:17:47; 140-Martin Ruffing, Stone Mountain, 1:17:50.

141-Rebecca Cameron, Franklin, 1:17:50; 142-Deborah Daly, Mansfield, 1:18:15; 143-Jaclyn Daylor, East Taunton, 1:18:27; 144-Ian Kabat, Franklin, 1:18:33; 145-Ginger Gritzo, Wrentham, 1:18:56; 146-Kristan Butler, Rehoboth, 1:18:57; 147-Michelle Botelho, Rehoboth, 1:18:57; 148-Barbara Leclerc, Plainville, 1:19:05; 149-Suzanne Prall, North Attleboro, 1:19:13; 150-Lisa Scollins, Wrentham, 1:19:16; 151-Antonio Lanuza, Boston, 1:19:53; 152-Brenda Trapani, Wrentham, 1:20:55; 153-Deana Desilva, Mansfield, 1:21:09; 154-Paul McInnis, Franklin, 1:21:43; 155-Kimberly Powderly, Walpole, 1:21:53; 156-Brendan Conroy, Franklin, 1:21:58; 157-William Combes, Cumberland, 1:22:17; 158-Paul Robinson, North Attleboro, 1:22:41; 159-Paul Ramponi, Bridgewater, 1:22:54; 160-Sheryl Duclos, Uxbridge, 1:22:59.

161-Tara Kanevski, 1:22:59; 162-Cameron Duquette, Southborough, 1:23:28; 163-Nancy Gomes, Franklin, 1:23:33; 164-Amanda Garvey, Hanover, 1:23:41; 165-Afton Termplin, North Attleboro, 1:23:41; 166-Laura Sharp, Boston, 1:23:59; 167-Denise Basow, Southborough, 1:24:09; 168-Beth Basow, Southborough, 1:24:10; 169-Brooke Paige, Boston, 1:24:16; 170-Donna Levine, Mansfield, 1:25:22; 171-Jetta Garrity, Lynn, 1:25:43; 172-Wendy Milot, Plainville, 1:26:13; 173-Jon Sweeney, Boston, 1:27:06; 174-Erin Oldham, Foxboro, 1:29:45; 175-Heather Keegan, North Attleboro, 1:30:37; 176-Amy Wong, West Newton, 1:31:31; 177-Jessica Cedorchuk, Watertown, 1:31:34; 178-Jake North, Sharon, 1:31:52; 179-Carl Ramponi, Bridgewater, 1:32:12; 180-Nathan Vaughan, Billerica, 1:33:15.

181-Constance Brescia, Reading, 1:33:51; 182-Linda Norcross, Watertown, 1:34:24; 183-Peter Meyer, Shrewsbury, 1:35:06; 184-Shane Cooke, Wrentham, 1:36:25; 185-Kelley Glynn, Framingham, 1:36:44; 186-Robyn Kral, Walpole, 1:36:45; 187-Chelsea Galvanez, North Attleboro, 1:37:16; 188-Rana Rachwal, Franklin, 1:37:32; 189-George Pasquantonio, Plainville, 1:37:42; 190-Sherly Leary, North Attleboro, 1:38:25; 191-Jason Boissel, Woonsocket, 1:40:03; 192-Joe Adlman, Andover, 1:40:03; 193-John Cronin, Dedham, 1:40:26; 194-Nichaela Maynard, Pawtucket, 1:40:33; 195-Kathy Botelho, Rehoboth, 1:41:55; 196-Doug Gavilanez, North Attleboro, 1:42:05; 197-Mary Waltuck, Foxboro, 1:42:58; 198-Jack Martin, Foxboro, 1:43:03; 199-Anne Keegan, Wrentham, 1:43:30; 200-Mary E. Labay, North Attleboro, 1:47:31; 201-Jim Brescia, Reading, 1:50:02.

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