ATTLEBORO - The president of the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA), the Rev. Peter Morales, is scheduled to speak at Sunday's 4 p.m. service, which will be both a celebration of the church's 140th anniversary and the official installation of the new minister, the Rev. Gretchen E. Weis.

Weis, 62, became the new minister at Murray Unitarian Universalist Church last Aug. 1, and led her first regular service at the church in early September, although she previously had been involved in the services.

Weis - who was profiled last Sept. 27 in The Sun Chronicle - will become the church's 19th settled minister, when she officially is installed on Sunday.

The position is the first ministerial one for Weis, kicking off a new career for her. She came to the Unitarian Universalist ministry after a more than 35-year career in international media and public relations.

"She is grateful and excited about the opportunity to join a thriving congregation that continues to grow and attract new families," a news release sent from the Murray Unitarian Universalist Church's Janet Richardi said.

At the event, the church, located at 505 North Main St., also is scheduled to begin celebrating its 140-year history of "serving individuals exploring a free faith together in a diverse environment in the Attleboro community," according to Richardi.

The theme of Morales' sermon will be "Fail Often."

Morales observes that, although it may seem counter-intuitive, the key to thriving in the future years is failure.

"We must all learn to fail often, fail together, and fail strategically," Morales said.

Morales began his second four-year term as president of the UUA - the coordinating body for more than 1,000 member congregations - in June 2013.

Morales, the first Latino president of the UUA, was elected on a platform of growth and multiculturalism.

As chief spokesman for the association, Morales "has engaged in powerful public witness demonstrations for immigration reform and marriage equality. He has strengthened UU ties internationally and built strong interfaith connections for social justice work," Richardi wrote in the news release.

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