While they would not officially have power until they were sworn in, Attleboro’s newly-elected city leaders had to go to work right away in order to make plans for their own inauguration. Read more

On the eve of the state election of Nov. 3, 1914, state election, in which Attleboro’s ballot included a referendum on whether to accept a city charter, The Sun reported that “indications point to the largest vote in Attleboro’s history.” Read more

Following acceptance of the charter, town officials had to race to re-divide the three voting precincts into five wards and to appoint election officials for the first city election. Read more

The pen that Democrat Walsh had used to sign the Attleboro city charter legislation was presented to Attleboro’s Republican state representative, George Worrall, in recognition of his efforts in advancing the bill. But for Worrall grabbing the bull by the horns, there’s no telling how long A… Read more


    Amidst an incredible boom of factory creation and population growth in the first decade of the last century, the idea of converting the town of Attleborough into a city took hold. Voters agreed with the idea at two town meetings. They agreed again in a special election. All three times the b… Read more