Before there was the City of Attleboro, there was Capron Park.

September 2001 marked the 100th anniversary of the park’s dedication after about 30 acres was conveyed to the then Town of Attleborough by the Capron family in honor of Dennis Capron.

The town paid $1 for the land, which was to carry the Capron name.

The first building erected in the park was the Casino in 1902, which later served as the site for the Attleboro Museum and now houses offices for the park and forestry department.

The bandstand followed in 1908; the Newell Shelter in 1910.

The first zoo on site was built in 1922 through donations from Attleboro schoolchildren in a campaign spearheaded by The Attleboro Sun.

That gave rise to a more elaborate zoo in 1937 under a fund established by a Capron family member, followed by a four-year restoration project in the late 1980s.

Capron Park continues to draw people from far and near with its zoo, playground and paths around the monument studded grounds.

The Attleboro Garden Club and the city have joined to restore the Anderson Rose Garden in the park. And the site, along with the Hagopian walk, including a gazebo, have served as the backdrop for many wedding pictures over the years.

Once complete, the restoration project will be dedicated to the city as a gift in honor of its 100th anniversary of incorporation, though it is not scheduled to be completed until 2015, which will mark both the rose garden and the garden club’s joint 60th anniversary.

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